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April 9, (Thu)  9am-1pm, Keys to Closure - the Probate Process (Live webinar)
April 24, (Fri), 8am-12noon, Master the Market (FTBS 1), (Central Valley AOR Lathrop Special webinar)
April 24, (Fri), 1pm-5pm, Be the Go-to-Agent (FTBS 2), (Central Valley AOR Lathrop Special webinar)
May 7, (Thu), 10am-2pm, Master the Market (FTBS 1), (Live webinar)
Mary 12, (Tue) 9am to 4pm: Residential Real Estate, Finance (GRI 109) (Live webinar)
May 14, (Thu), 10am-2pm, Be the Go-to Agent (FTBS 2), (Live webinar)
June 9 (Tue): 9am to 4pm, Marketing, Financing, & Managing Commercial Properties (GRI 110) (Live webinar)
July 9 (Thu), 10am-2pm, Working with Investors (PMC 5), (Live webinar)
August 6 (Thu), 10am-2pm, Vaction Rentals, (PMC 6), (Live webinar)
August 13, (Thu), 10am-2pm, Selling Apartment Buildings, (Live webinar)
August 20 (Thu.): 9am to 4pm, NAR Military Relocation Professional (MRP Designation) (Live webinar)
September 24 (Thu.): 9am to 4pm, Residential Real Estate Finance (GRI Course 109) (Live webinar)
October 22 (Thu.): 9am to 4pm, Marketing, Financing & Managing Commercial Properties (GRI 110) (Live webinar)
December 10 (Thu.): 9am to 1pm, Keys to Closure - the Probate Process (​Live webinar)

Contact the host AOR to register:
C.A.R: classes visit for details or call 213-739-8200:
GRI classes: visit for details or call 626-229-9900
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Fair Housing: It's the Law
Fair Housing: It's the Law
Property Management
One of the most important, and critical, aspects of property management is having a thorough understanding of all fair housing laws, both state and federal. Learn more about the groups protected by fair housing laws, and the practices these laws prohibit.
The California Association of REALTORs'  professional property management series provides the knowedge required to comply with fair housing laws, protecting both the landlord and tenant with their respective rights and obligations. 
Class schedule for California Association of REALTORS courses: visit


"Introduction to Residential Property Management" (PMC 1)
“Managing Single Family Homes and 2 to 4 unit Residences” (PMC 2)
“Managing Larger Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties” (PMC 3)
“Fair Housing, Trust Funds and other Legal Aspects” (PMC 4)
“Working with Investors” (PMC 5)
“Vacation Rental Management” (PMC 6)
“The Professional Guide to Selling Apartment Buildings - The Investment Analysis Process" (PMC 7)
"All Creatures Great and Small - the Rules about Assistance Animals and Pets" (PMC 8)
"How to Maximize Rents, Optimize Expenses, Supersize Value" (PMC 11)
"Master the Market” (First Time Buyer Specialist course 1)
“Be the Go-to Agent” (First Time Buyer Specialist course 2)
 “Keys to Closure – The Probate Process”
“"Negotiation Basics”
“Advanced Negotiations”
“All about Condos”
“Risk Management”
“Distressed Properties”
“NAR’s Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA)”,
“NAR’s Military Relocation Professional (MRP)”,
"Residential Real Estate Finance" (GRI Course 109) *
"Marketing, Financiing and Managing Commercial Real Estate" (GRI Course 110)*

* Visit for class schedules and registration for GRI courses.

PMC: Propety Management Certification series. Visit to learn how to obtain your PMC cetification and PMM (Property Management Master certification). Courses available to be purchased as a bundle.

Courses and Live

Advance your knowledge and skills through live instruction in a variety of subjects. Offered by the California Association of REALTORs through LearnMyWay live webinars, as well as  at local Associations of REALTORS throughout the state, courses range from laws and regulations affecting the practice of real estate licensees, to strategies in providing the best representation of clients in fulfilling their real estate needs.​ Visit to learn more about the courses and class schedules. Don't see a class offered at your local AOR? Contact your Association education director to request a live class (see "Courses").